Carnival Ride (Midterm Project)

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Carnival Ride


  • Motivation

We are interested in how our eyes see things, especially colors. We are also interested in opart and creating illusions. We started off thinking about how we get dizzy after riding certain carnival rides. We wanted to simulate this dizziness feeling you feel as well as the sensations you experience, such as yelling at the top of your lungs when riding a roller coaster for example.

  • Interactive Paradigm

The viewer is able to scream as loud as he wants as if he is riding a roller coaster or any other carnival ride. In response to the viewer’s scream, the spiral on the screen will spin either faster or slower. We might make the spiral different colors in order to play with the viewer’s vision and create optical illusions, which is sort of like a carnival ride on its own.

  • Technical Description

The spiral-looking image is created through Processing. The image will be manipulated by the input of the computer’s microphone.


  • Functional Diagrams

Vis145b-midterm visualization-cs.jpg

  • Visual Concept