Image Processing - Ben Brickley & Emilio Marcelino

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Motivation We would like to work with an Arduino and integrate it with virtual image processing. Because photography and film are our main interests, we would like to figure out a way to manipulate the images on the computer screen through physical interaction with an arduino sensor. Our main goal will be to try to manipulate color, movement, and scale though an outside sensor.

Interaction We would like to incorporate either four or eight bi-flex sensors ( to control a image on screen. We can insert these sensors into either one or two gloves, to create interaction. We would also like the images to be a sort of data flow. Hopefully, we will be able to cycle through data and/or pictures through means of the flex sensors, in order to move through a virtual space.

Function Although our skills in processing/arduino coding are limited, we hope to be able to use the read and write functions in arduino in order to communicate with the flex sensors.

Visualization diagrams and images to come!