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  • Motivation

I'd like my projects to have amusement values and possibly practical applications, much like a game. Along side that, it should also involve an emphasis on physical activity, while definitely showing feedback on the virtual world. I'm pretty fascinated with the blurring of physical and virtual realms. Hopefully it'll be pretty technically advanced too.

  • Interactive Paradigm

I'm thinking of tracking a person in physical space, and then have that person walk through a maze in virtual space. He would be able to move in real life unobstructed, of course, but if his virtual representation hits a wall it would be "stuck." I'm also considering putting in aspects of Pac man or Mario, or incorporating some kind of importance on movements such as dancing or jumping... depending on if my technical ability would allow it.

  • Technical Description

If possible I'd like Processing to track the person through webcam, possibly using brightness thresholding with a plain background and singling out the blob of black that is the person. If that doesn't work I could attach LED's to the person and use brightness tracking instead. The maze should be able to be drawn in Processing, and finally I'd have to find the way to code the limiting of the virtual entity's movements.


  • Functional Diagrams and Visual Concept
Vis145b midterm.jpg


  • Source Code

The coding contains two files, the main coding and the Cell object

Main file:

-adapts OpenCV's face tracking code and creates the maze (composed of Cell objects), along with movement system


Cell object:

-composes the maze, draws out pacman, kills white dot when "eaten"


  • In Action:

-Pacman follows your face (specifically your forehead)

Pacman inplay 1.jpg

-It grays out when it can't detect a face or if you're walking the wrong way

Pacman inplay 2.jpg