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Cheat Sheet

Sketchup Cheat Sheet

3D Modeling

SketchUp has great resources and tutorials:

Export as STL

In order to 3D print your design, you need to get your file from SketchUp into Cura or another slicing program as an STL. You will need a plugin for this.

This page has a good, free plugin to export as an stl file:

To install the plugin:

  1. Under attachment, right click "Download Sketchup to DXF/STL plugin - skp_to_dxf.rbz (RBZ file for Sketchup 2016, 2015, 2013, V8.2 up) - right click and save as" and save to your Downloads folder.
  2. In SketchUp, under Window select Extension Manager Image 1bigjc8m21cc6alg1i7lt2h1r9j9.png
  3. Click Install Extension Image 1bigjdimea9106b1hgesacb8nk.png
  4. and locate the skp_to_dxf.rbz file you downloaded above Image 1bigjfg23ncshv11aia1i3l1bltv.png