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Javier Lee

I'm interested in the creative process of art and making artwork. I like the hands-on aspect of art where everything you make is being made by your own hands. It's your own creation, something to be proud of. I understand that there are times when electronics and technology can enhance the experience of the artwork and there are a lot of times when they are needed, but I'm more old-fashioned. I prefer to paint or sculpt.

I'm a Vis Arts media major with an emphasis on computers because in this technologically advance world of ours, I believe that a new generation of artists are on the rise and I am interested in trying to be apart of that.

HW #1

Best Invention for lonely days.
Lady killer.
Lights up the keyhole.
Nightlife at Coronado.
Not entirely sure.

Midterm Proposal

I have decided to make a stuffed animal (bear) dance by using a "frankenstein" switch. I took the original bear, that had a push button to turn it on and off, and decided to connect it to the frankenstein switch in order to try and use a different method to make the bear dance. The bear will be taunting those who view this project with a phrase "I Dare You to Make Me Dance!" This will be attached to the bear. The switch will also have a sign that will read "Hint: Pull me Down." My original plan is the nail the switch to the wall behind the bear.

Circuit Diagram




Final Project

Our society has begun to come to an age where we are less interactive with each other physically. For example, instead of trying to see each other, we text or call making the interaction less intimate. My project idea is an interactive piece where the user has to actually face the project and interact with it making it, in a sense, a personal and intimate relationship. I want to create a project where I sew a push button into a glove and use the arduino to program into processing the codes that will display how many times I have been in contact with people throughout the day. Everyone time someone shakes hands with the user, the button is pushed which will start to count how many have come into contact with the user. I want to document several different people to see the trends, including how they communicate with each other. (shake, high five, fist bump, etc...)

import processing.serial.*; Serial port; int value; PFont font; int buttonValue = 0; int prevButtonValue = 0;

void setup(){

 //String portName = Serial.list()[0];
 port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); 
 font = loadFont("BerlinSansFBDemi-Bold-250.vlw");


void draw(){

 fill(0, 102, 153);
 text(value,width/2,height-value-20 );
 prevButtonValue = buttonValue;


void drawGraph(){

 if (port.available() > 0) {
   value =;
 if (value != 0){
   value = buttonValue;

} }



Photo 173.jpg

Button without Glove

Photo 174.jpg


Photo 172.jpg