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Ning Chen (born in Dec 3rd, 1987) is an exchange student from China. Although he has an English name which is "Galvin" yet he always blurs English name and Chinese name. An idealist and optimist as he is, dream to travel all around the world and experience different lives. So he tried hard to study English (I know, I know, it's far from perfect but he does make progress everyday) and came to America as the first stop of his lifelong journey. He wants to do his portfolio project here. And one extra thing I am absolutely sure is, he is looking forward to some special experiences that this course may give him.

Something About This Guy

After successfully escaping from Chinese Government GFW(Great Firewall, an internet censorship), Ning explores and exhausts himself in the pursuit of everything he loves. He majors in Digital Media and loves finding the connections between art and technology then visualizing them.

  • It was quite amazing when he first saw an interactive art installation on the magazine, then he desperately looked for everything about interaction stuff. At that time Ning met some of funny guys played arduino compatible board, seeeduino and multi-touch open source forum,mt2a(Multi-Touch 2 All) who are among the pioneers in china. We share the same motto that we truly believe interactive art can augment positive aspects of human life and it can change the world. Right now, we are running a interactive shop's project in Guangzhou China. At this point, through cooperating with some stylish shops, we try to improve the ambience of their shops by using interactive art. We volunteer to do all these for free. It is the beginning of our actions that change the city and the country finally the world by interactivity.

And Ning also realized he need to bring more efforts into interaction in order to become a better technological artist (the word just come up in my mind), so he read some of processing and interactivity books. Ning also made a little applet by using processing. The applet aims to visualize our daily task management.

Visualizing Task Management(I am sorry that I still don't have an online space to display real-time interaction. But actually I prepare to learn Wordpress and establish my personal blog.)

BTW Ning is a shutterbug. Go to his online photo album, Wanderlust Kid. Check it out, leave comments and you are very welcome!

Field Research

LED candle
It's Philips LED candles. Interested in using LED lights to create an interactive atmosphere.
Buttons in the lift
I love these buttons. They look so cute and it seems I can make some pixel interactions on them.
My mobile
I want to create a app that can run on my mobile and interact with physical world by arduino.
Personalized Keychain
Another funny stuff made by Philips. The features like portable and personal are attracting.
This one is a little bit weird and vague. I want to play with Chinese Government censorship. The red underline says "according to local laws and policies, partial search results are unable to show," when I try to search 'Chinese Communist Party'(because it will come up some 'not-harmony' results the government would not like you to see). I think it will be very funny to make an interactive art installation and data visualization to suggest this political absurdism.

Midterm Project

Original Plans 1. Wearable bulbs. You can put some bulbs wherever you want and control their on and off by yourself. Such as put bulbs on head accessories and you can control them to produce a bling-bling effect. It is funny when you are watching a show, you can make some noisy effect by controlling the bulbs.

2.Bulbs matrix. Put bulbs together to make a matrix of bulbs. It can produce gradual fade-in and fade-out effect as a whole, or generate particular signs when you touch some buttons and switches. I also consider it will be good if the bulbs matrix connects with drums so that when you hit a key, the matrix can display some signs.

Midterm Project: Balloon Interaction switch

Final Project

Ning's Final Project on Youtube

My Portfolio Project

Tanxel - Responsive Environmental Installation Based on Lightness

If anyone can read Chinese, please go and access to this document for details. Full text