Joel Rull

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Joel Rull

VisArts: Media: Computing major. Has been drawing since childhood, and recently got into photography and abstract design, and broadening his horizons of what falls into the category of "art." Originally wanted to get into graphic design professionally, and made a huge mistake by going to UCSD instead of some other college that has a more practical design program. Took Vis147A because it was a requirement, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are genuinely interesting and possibly even practical classes available in the VisArts department. Future plans involve being in a creative director-type position for a small media production company. Hates traditional corporate culture and plans to avoid wearing neckties or uncomfortable dress shoes for his whole life.

Failing that, hopefully the experience earned from this class will enable the construction of an army of killer robots.

Prior experience with electronics: Some automotive wiring, mostly bypassing malfunctioning parts of his decrepit old Honda's electrical systems.