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Kate's Printer

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Content Fixations

  • want:
    • want have need
  • think:
    • think
  • speak:
    • speak say talk shout yell call
  • art:
    • pain painting
  • sex:
    • sex love desire
  • naming:
    • name call say

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script db

Simple Matching

  • want - 144 matches
  • think - 86 matches
  • speak - 26 matches
  • art - 15 matches
  • sex - 24 matches
  • naming - 21 matches


  • want - 286 matches.
  • think - 104
  • speak - 80 matches
  • art - 28 matches.
  • sex - 90 matches
  • naming - 149 matches.

Related, POS specific

  • naming - 114 matches
  • art - 34 matches
  • sex - 96 matches
  • want -

Reading DB

Simple Matching

  • want - 447 matches
  • think - 111 matches
  • speak - 169 matches
  • art - 112 matches
  • sex - 76 matches



  • digressive decay.
  • leaving the room.


    • Which is to say
    • although perhaps
    • by which I mean
    • Possibly
    • actually
    • Though I am
    • Though it remains
    • As a matter of fact


As a matter of fact I 20
As a matter of fact it 12
Although as a matter of fact 8
But be that as it may, 6
And to tell the truth I 6
For the life of me I 6
As a matter of fact the 6
God, the things men used to 5
Although come to think about it 4
Perhaps I have not mentioned that 4
What do any of us ever 4
Even if for the life of 4
Though as a matter of fact 4
As a matter of fact one 4
Then again it is not impossible 4
As a matter of fact what 4
Which is to say that even 3
This is scarcely to suggest that 3
There would appear to be no 3
Then again it is quite possible 3
Which is to say that it 3
To the castle, a sign must 3
Well, and I certainly would have 3
And as a matter of fact 3
Which is to say that I 3
In a manner of speaking, one 3


beginnings = {
"As a matter of fact", 70
"Which is to say that", 25
"Perhaps I have not mentioned", 10
"Although as a matter of", 8
"And to tell the truth", 7
"In a manner of speaking,", 6
"But be that as it", 6
"For the life of me", 6
"God, the things men used", 5
"Even if I have no", 4
"To tell the truth I", 4
"To tell the truth, I", 4
"What do any of us", 4
"Then again it is not", 4
"Even if for the life", 4
"Possibly I have not mentioned", 4
"Although come to think about", 4
"Though as a matter of", 4
"Although what I am really", 3
"Have I mentioned looking in", 3
"To the castle, a sign", 3
"As a matter of fact,", 3
"There would appear to be", 3
"For that matter I have", 3
"By which I mean that", 3
"Then again it is quite", 3
"Although what I am now", 3
"I have no idea how", 3
"I have no idea what", 3
"Have I ever said that", 3
"Now and again I have", 3
"Although on the other hand", 3
"Which is to say the", 3
"And as a matter of", 3
"This is scarcely to suggest", 3
"Well, and I certainly would", 3
"I believe I have mentioned", 3
"Although to tell the truth", 3
"There is an explanation for", 3
"There was an explanation for", 3
"I was not able to", 3
"Then again it is perhaps", 3
"Oh, dear, the wind has", 2
"And naturally all of this", 2
"And for that matter poor", 2
"What I was signing was", 2
"What do you want, strange", 2
"I did not move any", 2
"And even if it was", 2
"Don't bother to get up,", 2
"Doubtless I would not have", 2
"Which is also to say", 2
"Well, but poor Friedrich Nietzsche,", 2
"Once, I had a dream", 2
"When I say that I", 2
"Conversely I have no idea", 2
"And at least we have", 2
"Though in fact the name", 2
"None of this is counting", 2
"Come to think about it,", 2
"Although what I am more", 2
"Possibly I did not need", 2
"I enjoy knowing both of", 2
"Skittering from one end of", 2
"In fact I have no", 2
"Now that I think about", 2
"It was only the Parthenon,", 2
"And which is to say", 2
"You will never know how", 2
"All of the books in", 2
"I believe I would have", 2
"In either event it was", 2
"Although when one comes right", 2
"I am quite certain that", 2
"It did run on, that", 2
"Poor Electra. To wish to", 2
"Well, I knew a great", 2
"A certain amount of this", 2
"But be all that as", 2
"Even if there is no", 2
"Generally, even then, I was", 2
"Well, the point being that", 2
"One of the things people", 2
"This is not really that", 2
"So that to tell the", 2
"Well, it would have been", 2
"Although what I do only", 2
"I find this second possibility", 2
"One moment I had been", 2
"Although what I was more", 2
"I happen to believe the", 2
"On my honor, Wittgenstein once", 2
"I do not believe I", 2
"One does not name a", 2
"The explanation being that the", 2
"Unless of course there were", 2
"The world is everything that", 2
"Ah, me. If not to", 2
"Sculpture is the art of", 2
"Now how could anybody be", 2
"There is the house that", 2
"Still, I find it extraordinary", 2
"Sor Juana Inés de la", 2
"What I was doing was", 2
"When one comes down to", 2
"Although very likely it was", 2
"The title of the life", 2
"When I say not speaking", 2
"On my honor, it was", 2
"So for that matter poor", 2
"Even if what this next", 2
"Yet for the life of", 2
"Any number of habits died", 2
"Even if on second thought", 2
"But which in either case", 2
"But what I am actually", 2
"These beach houses are all", 2
"One finds it difficult to", 2
"And in either case I", 2
"Even if I am perhaps", 2
"Should anybody else have looked,", 2
"The reverse of that statement", 2
"To tell the truth it", 2
"In either event the present", 2
"Even if a part I", 2
"I can think of no", 2
"Doubtless my ankle was only", 2
"I was about to add", 2
"This would have been right", 2
"The cat at the Colosseum", 2
"High, high, against the clouds,", 2
"Although I do believe I", 2
"Even if there would appear", 2
"Which is not to say", 2
"The next morning it was", 2
"Such as the birthdays of", 2
"And what have I been", 2
"Was it really some other", 2
"Before I ever saw one,", 2
"To this day I have", 2
"On the other hand there", 2
"Forgetting for the same instant", 2
"Though to tell the truth", 2
"Even if I did not", 2
"For some reason this story", 2
"Surely it would have been", 2
"All I can remember about", 2
"What happened was that I", 2
"Sometimes I like to believe", 2
"I have no idea why", 2
"Which has never failed to", 2
"And in either event I", 2
"Although doubtless I had been", 2
"Well, or in what looked", 2
"Although doubtless when I say", 2
"Well, and poor all the", 2
"Downstairs they go, every last", 2
"Certainly I have thought about", 2
"There are no painting materials", 2
"The things one tardily becomes", 2
"The tires on the pickup", 2
"Even if I have perhaps", 2
"What I find interesting about", 2 }

generation models

language tools

fuzzy string matching

nltk toools I made

  • find statements containing term(s) in text:
    • python find_statements.py ~/script/script.txt ~/script/script_decomposed/script_paint_paint.txt pain paint
  • find statements containing word(s) related to term(s) in text:
    • python find_related_statements.py ~/script/script.txt ~/script/script_decomposed/script_related_pain_painting.txt pain painting
    • with path_similarity < threshold
  • stopwords http://nltk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/book/ch02.html

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