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Preheat Printer

  • Turn on the creatorbot. The power switch is on the back left side. Position 1 for ABS, Position 1 for PLA.

Cretorbot power.png

  • In the Creatorbot main menu, select: Temp -> Preheat -> Preheat PLA 1

Check Filament Feed

Visually inspect that filament feeds properly:

  1. from spool
  2. through filament sensor (small clip on back for frame)
  3. through feed motor
  4. through milky plastic feed tube
  5. out of extruder hot end.
  • Preheat printer.
  • Select menu Config->Move->Extruders
  • Use the +10mm and +25mm to extrude the filament from the hotend. NOTE: Must be preheated!

Move extruder.png

Load Filament

Manual Advance Filament

Config -> Move -> Extruder -> Extruder #1 +25mm

Adjust Nozzle Height