Getting osceleton running on a new computer

Install OpenNI

    • Install OpenNI the short way
    • Download the Installer
      • Unzip the file and open a terminal window
      • Go to the unzipped folder 'OpenNI_NITE_Installer-OSX'
      • > cd ./OpenNI_NITE_Installer-OSX
    • Start the installer
      • > sudo ./install.sh

Install osceleton

Install osceleton examples

Install SimpleOpenNI

  • Install SimpleOpenNI (Processing < 2.0)
    • Download SimpleOpenNI
    • Copy the 'SimpleOpenNI.zip' into this folder:
    • /Users/'your username'/Documents/Processing/libraries
    • if you don't have this folder then create it.


  • Streaming live to processing:
    • ./osceleton -w -a
  • Saving to file:
    • ./osceleton -w -a -s simpleloop.oni
  • Streaming from file to processing:
    • ./osceleton -w -a -i simpleloop.oni