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Yr: Third

Sex: F

Major:Cognitive Science (HCI)/ ICAM (Vis)

I'm a third year student trying to find my way in life. Right now I'm stuck between two majors. I'm stuck because I don't know which direction to focus the rest of my life on. There is the structured experiment multidisciplinary Cognitive Science that I only discovered at UCSD. ICAM which has been a lifelong dream for me to unite art with computers. I came into this major thinking that it would be my dream only to be distracted by the academic pursuit of knowledge.

I'm just confused.

I've generally painted or sketched all my life. Played with Software in Highschool then I got shoved into the world of processing and arduino and programming and flash and all of the like. I've been struggling to stand on my own two feet, to provide work that I could be proud of.