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Steven Yuan (born June 14, 1989) is an internationally known wine-taster that fares from the far far away land of Middle Earth. He is known best for inventing the cheese wheel, discovering the cause of stupidity, and proving that Elvis is in fact alive and well, living in the Hunan province of China with Amelia Earheart.

Early Life

After defeating Gandalf and the dementors, he partnered with Optimus-Prime to track down the seven Dragon Balls that were hidden in Bakersfield. Before he could make a wish however, Optimus-Prime crushed the seven Dragon Balls with his flying ninja kick and sent Steven into the depths of the 23rd dimension. There he found Soap Mctavish and continued to battle zombies with only a knife and a tooth brush for the next 18 years of his life. At the end of the ordeal, he ended up in Antarctica only to have Soap betray him for a gay-talking penguin named Xavier. Jealous and hurt, Steven murdered both Soap and the gay-talking penguin named Xavier with an icicle and weeped for 3 months before continuing his journey by swimming from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia.

Once in Saudi Arabia, he met up with his good friends Barack Obama and Jason Mraz who advised that he spend the next 3 months of his life in San Diego in order to find a suitable wife and settle down. Once in San Diego, he decided the best way to meet his wife was to enroll in school, so he applied and attended the University of California San Diego.

College Career

Steven entered UCSD in the year of 2007 as a Sixth College student, and plans to graduate by 2011. If all goes well, he will have a degree in ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and Arts Major) with an emphasis on Visual Arts. He is an active participator in an on-campus fellowship also known as Intervarsity, and dabbled slightly in DJing at the DVC.

The Why

Steven had always been interested in the arts, mainly the visual arts. At a young age, he enjoyed drawing and in middle school he became intrigued with flash animations through exposure to masterpieces such as the Xiao Xiao series. After finding Newgrounds online, he browsed the flash portal day and night and his middle school and early high school days were filled with inspiration for learning to animate. By mid way through high school, he had an interest in graphic design and web design. He developed his interest by applying for the yearbook staff and working as the computer editor and co-design editor.


Once applying for colleges came around, his heritage of being raised in an asian family kicked in. Encouraged not to attend an all art school, or pursue an all art major, he applied to both UCLA and UCSD for their media arts programs. UCLA being obviously unworthy of Steven's presence decided to not let send him an acceptance letter because they knew he obviously would not choose to go there. So he attended UCSD as an ICAM major. As the years wore on, the ICAM program became increasing confusing and conceptual. However, once he walked into VIS 147A, the reason he applied for the program became clear. He was interested in integrating human interaction and electronic art, and this was the perfect place to do it. The possibilities were endless.


For my midterm project involving switches, I wish to construct an interactive painting that uses switches and relays. To construct a painting, the user will press a series of switches that are numbered from 0 to 9. Each button press triggers a series of switches that will somehow put paint on the canvas or a piece of paper; I'm guessing it will either be by dripping or brushing with a motor control. The concept is to base paintings off of number combinations that the user deems as meaningful to them. A possibility is also to use stencils to outline certain paintings. More to come later.






For my final project, I hope to address the issue of race relations in light of the recent events that have unfolded on campus. However, instead of displaying a need to seek retribution or justice, though it is necessary, I will be looking at how the issue of modern racial division trickles into the minds of most average Americans. This issue of underlying racism slowly infects our minds through the media: TV, Internet, and Newspaper. Stereotypes and racial lines are drawn whether it be from racial slurs in the anonymity of the internet, or from the reverse racism in activist reporting of mass commercial media. The effect of these forms of information intake is that our mindsets become manipulated slowly to segregate ourselves from racial groups different from us.

To illustrate this, I will be building an apparatus that involves a model of these different forms of information intake: TV, Internet, Newspaper, and even other people. These influences have tubes connected to them which flow into the ears and eyes of a facial mold. The mouth will then have a tube that leads in a container that represents the heart, and then from the heart there will be a motor that pumps liquid back into the system again.

The main liquid would be oil, and I would slowly add in black colored water that come from each of the different intakes.

Pictures to come later.

Field Research

These are items that I think would be interesting to control (and/or combine together).

Standard Siren
Circular Saw
Paper Shredder
Coffee Machine
Electric Airsoft Gun