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  • Motivation

I was intrigued by the Rorschach test, where people are shown ink blots and they have to say the first thing that comes to mind when they see it. This led me to think about how we tend to categorize things and sometimes we see images that are not really there. I wanted to explore this cognitive function by creating a project that would do just that- create ink blots that could look like something recognizable.

  • Interactive Paradigm

The viewer is shown random ink blots on the screen. These ink blots collide and separate, which may cause the viewer to see images when looking at the sketch. If the viewer stays very still, the ink blots freeze. If the viewer moves around, the ink blots begin to move faster. Also, if the viewer moves even faster, the color of the ink blots and the background color are inverted. Finally, the image on the screen can be saved at any time by a mouse click.

  • Technical Description

The ink blots are created through Processing. The viewer-computer interaction is made possible through the use of the webcam.


  • Functional Diagrams

  • Visual Concept




code: [1] images: Ink blot2.jpg

Ink blot1.jpg

Ink blot3.jpg

Ink blot4.jpg

Ink blot6.jpg