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Working page to create a Ceramic Extruder head for the CreatorBot Pro II at YSU.

Research Goals

Our immediate goal is to build a functional clay extruder. This unit will then be used to retrofit the CreatorBot Pro as a ceramic printer, and ultimately integrate with a more experimental large-scale CNC devices. There are a number of published open-source designs for ceramic extruders (incomplete list below), both Direct Drive clay printers and liquid deposition modeling (LDM) slip printers.


By spring 2017, we would like to:

  1. Select, customize, and implement a design for a ceramic extruder head for 3d printing. (see references below)
  2. Retrofit the CreatorBot Pro cartesian platform and motor driver firmware with the ceramic print head. (We have support from Ben Kilar, the CreatorBot designer)
  3. Adapt the print head to open-format big-area manufacturing CNC platforms.

Printer Designs

Lauerman Direct Clay Printer

Stratum Networks Pneumatic Slip Printer

JKeep Ceramic Delta Printer