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Week 8 - Motors, Coils, Inductors

Sound/Tone Generation! For Sound People (optional)

An analog output, different from the light dimmer. To make a varying sound, you would want to change the frequency of the output signal, not the amplitude.

  • This is more like the light blinking from part one, where changing the input voltage will change the rate of the light. But now you will do it with a Piezo, adjusting the time delay in microseconds.
  • If you like sound, try this:, I have a piezo you can use. (Or you can get one at RadioShack).
  • This example adjusts the frequency of the output (tone) not the magnitude.
  • the light fading above (analogWrite()) adjusts the brightness of the light (magnitude) with PWM.

Sensor Homework

NEW ASSIGNMENT: Acquire a sensor of some sort... not one of the ones from your kit. Could be a pressure, temperature, VOC, range-finder, accelerometer (!!) ... there are lots of options. Start with some of the links below. If you need more ideas, look through the web. Be sure to have your new sensor by next week!! We are going to use them in class, for Serial Communications.

Don't worry if you don't know how to make it work: if you are concerned whether your choice is viable, send me an e-mail with a link to your sensor of interest before you get it.


A Cornucopia of sensors

I gave some examples of sensors in the first part of today's lab.