Graffiti Blows - Ben Brickley, Greg Parsons, and Emilio Marcelino

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Motivation With our original interests in manipulation of color, movement and scale, we came up with our original idea using a mouse and microphone together to draw graffiti within Processing. A second similar interest including motion animation with a webcam has recently integrated into this project to replace the mouse element of our project.

Interaction We would like to use an external microphone along with an external webcam to draw virtual graffiti within Processing. The individual will be tracked by webcam on a screen or projector, as a mouse would. When the user blows or speaks into the microphone the program will draw depending on the signal and frequencies that the microphone is receiving. This will allow the user to engage in an activity fairly similar to graffiti without it being vandalism. In essence it is almost a "victimless crime".

Function We will combine two of our Processing codes together to create this project.

Visualization HEDZl.jpg