Graffiti Blows - Emilio Marcelino, Greg Parsons, and Ben Brickley

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Sticking to our primary interests in color, movement and scale, we decided to create a project that would require a computer, a microphone, and a mouse. With these three components we would be able to create a graffiti drawing program. Later came another interest in using the webcam to create a drawing program. So we replaced the mouse element with the webcam.


To interact with our piece the individual will have to have a webcam, a microphone and a computer with Processing. When running the sketch we will use head tracking to replace the mouse and when speaking or blowing into the microphone, the program will draw.

Basically... speaking and moving your head simultaneously will allow you to draw within Processing.


We will add the webcam head tracking sketch to the original microphone/mouse sketch to create a microphone and webcam drawing program.