Hunted - Anna Lin, Jenny Wang, and Ellen Huang

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ICAM 145B - Midterm Proposal

Jenny T. Wang and Anna Lin and Ellen Huang

Our thought is to create a simple first person shooter which allows people to actively participate in their own destruction. We will be using the Brightness Tracking code and modifying it so that a target follows the brightest thing on screen and hitting the mouse button or pressing a key will shoot bullets at the target. The finished product will require two "players", one who wears a flashlight and runs around in front of the camera, and another who sits at the computer screen and shoots.

There will be a gun at the bottom responding to the coordinates of the mouse, and the either the F button or the spacebar will allow the firing of the shot.

Socially, this game will open the topic of being desensitized to violence by the media in general and video games in particular by allowing a role-reversal and letting players experience a shooter game as a target rather than a hunter.


Process and Presentation: We've distinguished two targets, and they will respond to different colors of light. Two flashlights covered with blue and red balloon filters are held by the "targets". The camera, pointing towards the hunted with the screen turned away from them, allows a sense of heightened stress due to the unknown, while the shooter controls the situation and falls prey to the computer at the same time. On one hand; the computer will aim for the lights automatically. However, on the off chance that they are wrong, there is no way to correct them. The shooter is as much a slave to the technology as the hunted.

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