Image Processing - Ben Brickley

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Motivation We would like to create a digital canvas for graffiti creation. Because we are both interested in graphics and image manipulation, we would like to make a paint splatter program that can be manipulated by an outside catalyst. What interests us about this is that not everyone is endowed with tagging skills, so we would like this program to facilitate graffiti creation.

Interaction The interaction of this piece will function mainly with the computer's microphone and the mouse. The graffiti splatters will be sprayed across the canvas based on when the microphone is picking up a blowing sound. The placement of the splatters will be based upon the movement of the mouse. As the user blows harder, the density of the spray will increase.

Function We plan to combine a number of different styles of code to make our piece function. Draw and load image functions will allow us to load our own splatter designs into the program.

Visualization diagrams and images to come!