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Web 1T 5-gram Version 1 ldc upenn

ldc new corpora link

Suffix Array Analysis Tutorial of the SALM package

Visual Wordnet [1]

Word Vectors

Gloss vector overlap

Second order co-occurence vectors

Opinion Mining

SensiWordNet - a publicly available resource for opinion mining.

Natural Language Interface to a Video Data Model

Data mining

NLP Language Research

generation of conjectures


basic Content Analysis

Identity as a Variable

Closed Captioning


Language for performance Teleprompter

Wordnet similarity

wordnet::similarity word vectors

  • coffee#n#1: nutmeg, preparation, coffee_tree, caffeine, pulverized, coffee, arabia, tea, shelf_life, packed, hot_water, drinking, topped, java, lemon_peel, ordered, cognac, irish_whiskey, beverage, perforated, cup, sweetened, infusion, espresso, cream, boiling, dehydrated, finely, whipped_cream, stimulating, bitter, cinnamon, alkaloid
  • cup#n#1: loaded, drunk, disposable, mustache, coffee, boxlike, tea, saucer, footed, drinking, eucharistic, collectively, tableware, bowl, cup, standardized, greece, rim, toast, missing, ancient_greek, drinking_vessel
  • rifle#n#1: automatic_rifle, loads, loading, rifle, action_mechanism, bore, barrel, butt_end, breech, cartridge, fired, sliding, firearm, shotgun, lever, armored, shoulder_holster, portable, lifted, semiautomatic, forward_motion, rifled
  • work#n#1: dry_rot, busywork, willing, machine_tool, technology, practical, barn, shiny, undertaking, productive, wages, inquiring, waiting, unit_of_time, preliminary, cleansing, substitute, incomplete, obliged, operations, a_great_deal, rubbing, washed, separately, ophelia, outstanding, interesting, waxing, stocks, attending, papers, labor, thoroughly, heavy_lifting, wasnt, municipal, succeed, missionary, hoped, further, mechanical, medical_care, barber, assigned, meager, budget, course_of_study, attempted, disadvantaged, boss, routine, damaging, close_to, done_for, grade, directed, systematically, recreational, duties, checked, shining, shoes, piece_of_work, polishing, sunday, soap, gawkers, leave_of_absence, improve, no_longer, cleaning, housewife, handling
  • neck: sternum, collarbone, hanging, immunity, human_being, cartilaginous, externally, cervix, aids, elderly, body_part, glandular, rings, flex, mastoid, clavicle, admired, occipital_bone, arteries, larynx, membranous, inhaled, aorta, fold, obliquely, artery, ductless, spine, on_fire, chin, graceful
  • rifle#n#1 <-> neck#n#1 = 0.0728235790450328

Generative Video through NLP

  • making edits based on semantic content
    • sequence
    • cut points?
    • decisions based on character names?
  • aesthetic strategies for text
    • side-scrolling text
    • intertitles
    • subtitles
    • titles
  • aesthetic strategies for photos
    • Ken Burns effect
    • simulated motion
  • aesthetic strategies for video
    • specifically... diverse collections of heterogenous clips and documentation
    • video collection strategies

similarity measures

Calculating the similarity of two phrases, with the goal of finding more related matches. Example: "ocean at night" to "still life, objects around the studio" versus "cat tails at the ocean"


Optical Character Recognition

  • tesseract-ocr [2]
  • ocropus [3] layout analysis, tesseract is a plugin

word evolution study at University of Reading

language associations

Closed Captioning

Electronic Literature as Performance