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I am 4th year in Visual Art computing media

I am more interested in animation, or 3D art. But sadly I'm not learning much on that here in UCSD. Mostly I'm been making project on filming and editing, and a little bit on how to make basic web page. My main goal is just to graduate and try to learn something that will help me land myself a job when i do graduate after college. Art that i have done in the past that i really enjoy was making art work out of plaster and copper, so more on the sculpture types of art work.


ICAM 145B - Midterm Proposal Jenny T. Wang and Anna Lin and Ellen Huang Our thought is to create a simple first person shooter which allows people to actively participate in their own destruction. We will be using the Brightness Tracking code and modifying it so that a target follows the brightest thing on screen and hitting the mouse button or pressing a key will shoot bullets at the target. The finished product will require two "players", one who wears a flashlight and runs around in front of the camera, and another who sits at the computer screen and shoots. There will be a gun at the bottom responding to the coordinates of the mouse, and the either the F button or the spacebar will allow the firing of the shot. Socially, this game will open the topic of being desensitized to violence by the media in general and video games in particular by allowing a role-reversal and letting players experience a shooter game as a target rather than a hunter.


Proposal Dance in the Dark

DitD will be a combination of interactivity, motion, and old school impressionism. There will be a combination of using a light source to draw on a digital canvas, then having that played back over and over again in a sort of impressionistic rendition of what a dance would look like if it were painted. Dance as an art form depends very much on motion, patterns and repetition, and so we will be incorporating that into a medium which has, up until now, been stationary.

The project depends very much on each person and their presentation, or at least the way they wish to move with the tools in their hands. The tools will be two flashlights, the ends lit artificially bright so that, in the dark of the classroom, they will be the two points the camera catches. As the person with the flashlight moves, the movement of the lights will draw a line of patterned lights or lines on the blank canvas, then replay the pattern of the movement over and over (recording about 5 seconds or so at a time, or until the light goes off.) Every time the light switches off and back on, the color of the recorded line changes.. This leaves the choice of the mental effect brought on by color to the “dancer”; if he/she flickers the light a lot, the colors will be a lot more seizure-inducing than someone who just keeps the light on for a long time.

We will need: - a webcam - two flashlights - a projection screen for the final presentation - preferably someone who can dance