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Erika Marie Go

I am a fourth year at UCSD. I am a new ICAM Major but for the past three years I've been studying biochemistry, and took ICAM as a minor. I decided to take ICAM further and declare it as a major. I also like to sketch and paint (major subjects include people and places). I've recently gotten into abstract art. I'd like to take my art practice to the next level by learning how to incorporate technology into my artwork. =)


(Doesn't work anymore, but maybe I could somehow bring it to life.)


(How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a blow pop?)

0610_clicker_lg.jpg Clicker2.jpg

(I have several clickers like these for classes that I took...they look aweful!)


(Sitting in my Mom's garage...)




(Old cellphones... I knew keeping them would come in handy! :D )

Here's my blog:


Midterm Project Proposal: "Come with me to Heaven Game"

You have died. Now it’s the afterlife, your goal is to convince St. Peter that you have followed your religious faith throughout your life. Each player takes turns rolling the fish die and moving to the corresponding cloud based on the number of fish you roll.

Game Rules: 1. The object of the game is to get to Heaven’s gate. 2. Clouds are spaces. 3. If you land on a dove you have to pull the wire loop around the dove shaped wire without activating the buzzer. If you activate the buzzer you loose your next turn. 4. To play God, you can turn the wired loop on and off by moving the switch. 5. Use the crucifixes as game to determine who is who. 6. Roll the stone to determine how many spaces you will move forward. (Ex: 1 fish moves one space) 7. You make a secret pact with Satan, if you land on the pentagram your next roll will determine the number of spaces an opposing player of your choice will move back. If you roll the same amount again on your next turn, you go back to your grave. 8. Jesus loves you even if you are an idiot. 9. If you loose, not everyone can go to Heaven, you were probably just a spawn of Satan. 10. Amen.

The following are possibilities of cloud spaces that you can land:

You skipped Mass for a football game. (Move back 1 space.)

You went to Mass….only Christmas, and Easter. (Move back 3 spaces)

You went to Church to confess your sins… in order to commit more sins, after. (Move back 4 spaces)

You are straight. (Move forward 1 space.)

You were baptized. (Move forward 2 spaces.)

The line to Heaven is crowded. Stay in place for one turn.

You were in the dark, so you followed the Son. (Move forward 1 space)

You have the Church bulletin- a receipt for attending Mass. (Move forward 1 space).

You explain to St. Peter that were a part of the Church Choir-allowing the rest of the Parish to lip-sync. (Move forward 2 spaces)

St. Peter asks about what you do on Sundays. You say they’re good at Baskin- Robbins. (Move back 1 space).

You were searching for a new look. Your faith was lifted in the Catholic church. (Move forward 2 spaces)





Final Project Proposal: "Alien Abduction"

Materials: Oil pastel, collage, Freeduino Processing 1.0 for five knob potentiometer on Canvas

Abstract: Ex-president Bush is back again, and this time abducting American citizens into his UFO. Hear the Bush-UFO by turning the knobs on the spaceship.


Below is a Youtube link.