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Jet Antonio is a Senior at Thurgood Marshall College majoring in Media Computing. Dreams, memory, and anthropomorphism mark his undergraduate work. This includes video, animation, and sculpture. He hopes to touch on these same themes using electronic media, which opens up new layers of physical interactivity beyond the static object or the screen. He also thinks robots are mad awesome. (And everyone knows a good robot starts with bone-crushing servos.)

Midterm Project Proposal

I'd like to create a switch that mimics the act of a doctor resuscitating a patient. I will have a model of a "patient" with a motor in it. On its chest will be a conductive strip. Inside the patient will be a vibrating motor which will be discreetly connected to two "paddles". I will place the two paddles on the conductive strip (after yelling "clear", of course), which will vibrate the patient as if its heart had been started or jolted.