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Lv: 21

Class: Media (Computing)

Hp: 3254/3254

I'm mostly interested in representational work and involved with traditional practices like illustration, painting, sculpture and design. Although I incorporate digital technologies like video and photo editing software, I’m aware that they merely become a substitution for traditional processes. I generally take a carefree and casual approach to art making and tend to feel bogged down when tasked to impose some kind of political, social or otherwise cultural commentary to an artwork. Although I often have opinions on such matters, I currently don't feel compelled to illustrate them creatively. I've also discovered a new [albeit shocking] interest in creative writing [science fiction & fantasy], and I'm genuinely curious to see how it blooms—or wilts.

Maybe I'm stupid, but it took me a while to see that the Art Department here at UCSD has a fervent disposition for the "conceptual" hemisphere of art, which leaves a lot to be desired with the equally as important "formal" hemisphere. I've decided to roll with the punches—to absorb as much as I can with my time here [trying to fit it all within the context of my current aspirations for the future] and hopefully attend a graduate program that balances this out.

Time and process in digital media is a fascinating new venture for me but my current aspirations for nurturing my few strengths and many weaknesses, particularly within illustration and design, take precedence over setting sail towards these uncharted waters. That’s not to say that the journey through time and process in digital media isn't worth taking though. I just haven’t found my bearings yet, if at all.

My CV is almost completely populated with doodles, sketches, and ideas. I'm not the prolific art maker that I'd like to be and I'm on a mission to figure out why.


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