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About Me

My name is Priscilla Wan and I am a third year Marshall student. I am a visual arts major with an emphasis in computers which is funny because I don't really get computers in general. Also I am a communications minor which is basically a lot of papers about how the world communicates...better a paper than a one hundred multiple choice exam. I'm from the Bay Area and I rep the bay proudly! I came to UCSD because I wanted to try something new and I like the nice weather. I think I've almost fully assimilated into the "socal" world by swapping my kswiss kicks for rainbows.

Anyways, I'm in this class because it's a requirement to fulfill the vis arts major. I think it's interesting that the requirements for art are so random, but does make all artists experience different sides of art. I'm slightly worried for this class because I'm horrible with electronics on a regular basis, but here's to hoping!


Midterm Proposal

I’m going to build a lunch box alarm. I know the assignment says to think creatively about the idea of a switch so I kept thinking about switches that just flipped on and off. I kept thinking about buttons that when pushed would again turn something on or off, but it wasn’t till I started thinking about circuits and wiring that I decided to go back to the old-school concept of a simple alarm. I also did not want to just use a regular push button switch, but instead wanted to just have a mechanism be the switch itself. I’m going to use wiring as the switch that either interrupts of creates the energy flow.

Here are some examples of what things I need and what I hope to make:

and here's a diagram I found online of how I would connect the circuits.

Midterm Project

My project went according to plan and I built a lunch box alarm. The hardest part was finding a tin lunch box, but I lucked out because one of my friends has a tin box from his Peppermint S'mores Kit. It was also somewhat hard to find the correct buzzer, but Radioshack is amazing and I found it there. It was really cool seeing my exact idea come to life.

Final Proposal

I'm going to try and build a mood sensor of the type that would use the color mixer from Arduino/Processing and people switching the knobs depending on their mood. I'm not exactly sure how I will go about getting the people to move the knobs, but I'm thinking of having various questions and the answers will be resulted in the knob they choose to turn. Their mood will be calculated by the color they end up with at the end of all the questions.

Final Project

My project changed as I was creating it and I ended up making an art making piece. At first, I figured out how to use the pedoimeter knobs to virtually mix colors during lab and I wanted to figure out how to make the square bigger as well. I added two more knobs to try and change the shapes. It took a while, but finally figured out how to do the coding to make the knobs control the length and width. It was a happy surprise that when I made the shapes, the shapes would layer on top of each other. It was cool because I could make a gradient of color as the shapes overlapped and I changed the color with the knobs. This is representational of how art mistakes should not be erased, but instead used in the piece. Everything can be seen as art. I made the exterior look like an etch-a-sketch because the knobs and the function is similar to the etch-a-sketch in that the user controls the "art" with the knobs, but it's different because it controls colors and instead of strokes, the user makes various square/rectangle shapes.