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Robert Twomey. 5th Year former MFA student. Your teacher.

I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring questions of embodiment, cognition, and identity through work in a variety of media. With my projects, I seek to understand how our sense of self is transforming with the rapid evolution of computing and media technologies. My approach is to identify key social structures, cultural narratives, and material realities as sites of engagement, developing them into projects that value experiential complexity over pointed, didactic statement. Past efforts have taken the form of an interactive simulation of a grandmother with Alzheimer’s, a suite of works exploring the fantasy of an imaginary daughter, and a bonding performance with a rifle.

I have been working with computers and art when I was a kid, only seriously trying to work with digital media for art production in graduate school. Recent projects I have done are available on my website,

Assignment 1

Assignment 2


Final Project