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Ryan Glasgow My interests in art generally involve around design, specifically interface design, such as websites. I'm currently the Creative Director at and designed the current website, as well as wrote the HTML/CSS. Other websites I've designed can be seen at

Midterm Project

My original idea was for a pendulum apparatus that represents a coin that is often flipped to make decisions. The result of a coin flip can be rigged by the human if he or she is skilled, which is the artistic statement of my work. For the coin to be flipped, I needed a single switch relay to memorize the state as the pendulum swung each time, but was only able to figure out the double switch relay as diagrammed in our lab.

Since I wasn't able to use the relay, I switched my idea to a "Life is Good" meter. This was still a pendulum apparatus, but every time the pendulum swung all the way down, it metal foil would connect the contacts and a 5v light bulb would light up at the top. It would illuminate a hand painted sign that said "Life is Good".

Project Details: I built a 2ft tall wooden pendulum using 2 2"x5" pieces of wood. I used the 12v wall plug to power the device, and connected it to the breadboard. On the breadboard, the 12v's was converted to 5v's using the 7805 transistor, and a lengthy wire (about 1.5 feet), ran up and then down the arm of the pendulum. The wire was taped to the aluminum foil contacts on both the pendulum base, and pendulum arm. Between the aluminum foil contacts, I soldered a 5v lightbulb and placed it inside a white sign that was mounted at the top of the pendulum that said "Life is Good".

Artist Statement: Since I wasn't able to use the original coin flip idea with the relay, I began to think about other meanings the pendulum could have. I looked for a meaning that was unsure and unsteady as the pendulum swung back and forth, but a statement that increasingly became more and more illuminated as the pendulum slowed down. At first I couldn't think of anything, but having a really busy and stressful week myself with multiple midterms and business meetings for work, I started to realize that the statement "And this too, shall pass", which my father always told me when I was going through a lot of stress. I wanted a more modern statement that my peers could better relate too, and chose to use the popular brand "Life is Good", which is now plastered all over t-shirts, pants, and hats.

Final Project: FingerHero

Proposal: My final project proposal is to make a version of guitar hero. Instead of a guitar the project would have 4 buttons that would be pressed using your fingers. The display would be an array of 16 LED's laid out in a 4x4 format. The lighted LED's would descend, and the person would need to hit the button as the LED is in the second to last row. On the side, there would be a vertical array of LED's that keep track of your score, and would increase each time you hit a new level. The user would be able to choose between three different songs.

FingerHero by Ryan Glasgow VIS147A int score = 0; void setup() {

int mySong[20]={1,3,2,3,1,2,3,2,1,2,1,3,1,2,1,3,1,3,2,3};
 // initialize the digital pin as an output:
 for (int pinCount = 0; pinCount < 12; pinCount++) { pinMode(pinCount, OUTPUT); }
 for (int rowCounter = 0; rowCounter < 20; rowCounter++) { 
  switch (mySong[rowCounter]) {
   case 1:
     // 1ST Col
     digitalWrite(7, HIGH);   
     digitalWrite(6, HIGH);   
     digitalWrite(4, HIGH);   
     if(analogRead(0) > 1000) { digitalWrite(5, HIGH); score++; } 
   case 2:
     // 2nd Col
     digitalWrite(113            nn/, HIGH);  
     digitalWrite(10, HIGH);   
     digitalWrite(9, HIGH);  
     if(analogRead(1) > 1000) { digitalWrite(8, HIGH); score++; } 
   case 3:
     // 3rd Col
     digitalWrite(0, HIGH);   
     digitalWrite(1, HIGH);   
     digitalWrite(2, HIGH);  
     if(analogRead(2) > 1000) { digitalWrite(3, HIGH); score++; } 
 for (int pinCount = 0; pinCount < 12; pinCount++) { digitalWrite(pinCount, LOW); }

} } void loop() {

 if(score > 0) { digitalWrite(8, HIGH); delay(500); }
 if(score > 5) {digitalWrite(9, HIGH); delay(500); }
 if(score > 10) { digitalWrite(10, HIGH); delay(500); }
 if(score > 15) { digitalWrite(11, HIGH); delay(500); }


FingerHero1.jpg FingerHero2.jpg FingerHero3.jpg