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Mini bio

Hi, I'm Samantha Peterson - I usually go by "sami"

I'm an ICAM (visual) major because an art degree with an emphasis on programming is my idea of a good time. I'm thinking of going into the video gaming industry to become an art director, but I could change my mind at any time. Most of my personal art is in acrylics and mixed media, as well as charcoal drawings. I haven't updated in awhile, but I have a deviantart.

Useful skills?

Following are the skills I have that might help me in this class. Feel free to ask for help.

  • programming - Java, Javascript
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Flash
  • painting, drawing
  • various crafts (jewelry, plastic bag fusing, making chocolate truffles?...)
  • sewing
  • learning Processing

Field Research





cheap and accessible solar power


A camera I can actually dissect. It ended up in a cooler overnight and takes ghostly pictures now - when it decides it wants to work, that is.

Midterm Project

Pansy Pansy

Rough Concept

I didn't like my other idea. Mostly because I don't want to have to locate a Bible. So, something fun instead: Happy Plant. When you shine a light on it, it jiggles. I'm stealing the parts from a vibrating back massaging device, and trying to learn how to make a photoresistor work...

Rough Visualizations:



Final Design

I decided it would be more dynamic if the plant began by shaking, and would only stop when the viewer shines a bright light upon it. The project becomes reinterpreted from a "Happy Plant" that enjoys light, to a "Scaredy Plant" that is afraid of the dark. I think this is thematically more complex and interesting as well. I have always wondered how plants feel about the dark, since they need light to survive. Are they afraid that the sun might not rise again? With a vibrating motor and a photoresistor, I've given the plant the ability to express its fear by shaking in its... roots.

I think people will relate to their own fears of the dark with this project. What would happen if the sun were blocked out by nuclear war? What does it mean if the only emotion the plant can express is fear? (By contrast, does it express relaxation?) And aesthetically, what's the significance of combining something organic with a battery powered mechanical device?

Circuit Graphics

Here is my circuit design (I think I arranged it correctly):


And here is a drawing of how everything is literally linked together:


I also included a switch that I cannibalized from a toy, and the 1k potentiometer so I can adjust light sensitivity for different light environments.

Photo Documentation

A perfectly still, calm Purple Pansy in the light:


A frightened flower in the dark: (DRAMATIZATION)


So, don't leave your plants all alone and scared without a nightlight or something...

Final Project

Working Title: The Female Enigma

Rough Concept

I want to create a sculpture of a woman with three potentiometers representing her main erogenous zones. The goal would to get people to interact with her body in order to induce "orgasm". There would be some sort of display on my laptop screen which would give feedback. I want to explore woman as analog and how men interact with female bodies digitally. I would construct the sculpture out of clay, and maybe spray it silver.

Final Design

I decided to do a wire sculpture instead, since it fit thematically with my piece better. I focused less on orgasm and more on the "woman as analog" concept. I have a few thoughts on how the male perspective interacts with female bodies, but I think the piece can have many meanings. The screen displays a woman's body, covered up by pixel-like squares. There are intentional references to pixels to make the piece more about the digitalization of sex.

The Analogue Woman