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Tanya Ukositkul: a fourth year student from John Muir College, majoring in Media with an emphasis in Computing.

Final Project


My initial final project is called “Pok(H)er Face.” It will include the use of two momentary switches, two LED bulbs, and a potentiometer. The project will be a face-like mask. Viewers will be able to “poke” the face and then the piece will response to that. I am hoping for the bulbs, eyes of the face, to blink more often and quicker according to either the amount of times the face is “poked” at. The more it is poked, the face will eventually the angrier it symbolizes.

All together, the project is representing people and what one might have to go through in his/her everyday life. The face is meant to look like a mask. The mask is what sometimes we all have to put on, to look happy when we’re not, to look surprise when we already know, to look like we feel nothing when we’re actually super excited, etc. The act of “poking” the face is like when one crosses the line with or without knowing it. Keep on doing it will eventually result in an outburst of that someone's feeling. The face will keep smiling for it is only a mask while the inner feeling is about to burst out, expressed here with the blinking eyes, and the none blinking as the person snaps.


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Final Project Documentation

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Midterm Project


My midterm project is to create an artwork using a very simple circuit. This project is purposely meant to be seen as a product on sale. It's called: "Heal the World: Fake Plastic Tree." The main goal is to contradict the objective of this product, since it is advertising for people to buy this product, save the world, grow more tree, and save energy. Because the material used to make the piece is plastic, the more the production of it grows, the less the earth is saved. Not only that, using the product would make no sense for what the consumer is supposedly making a statement for, e.g. "Go Green," "Grow More Trees," and "Save Energy." This product is made of plastic. It is in no way a tree, except for it being the word "Tree." Worst of all, it uses electricity. Together, this electric art project is about a ridiculous product made for what it's not.



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Midterm Project Documentation


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Field Research

1. This is a small little fan that my brother uses to hook up to his laptop to help cool it down.


2. This is a "tamagotchi," a small digital pet. It used to be a hit when I was 11(?) while still living in Thailand. This one is just a year old though.


3. This is a little kit for blood test for people with diabetes.


4. This is my brother's $300 toy, a lego robot. You could put him in a different form and program him to do various things.

4268291270_c8421548f3.jpg 4268292588_e7ae2e7c5a.jpg

5. This is a boom-box backpack. You plug in your MP3 player to it and share your music to the world. It reminds me of this guy in my high school. He made his own and walked around campus with the music in the background.. kind of like a scene in a film.

4268286110_fa4d96661e.jpg 4267547037_a3abf270ac.jpg

Personal Thoughts

I was born in Los Angeles, CA, and spent almost 14 years of my life growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. I came back to the United States for high school and began to see my path in the arts clearer. I am mainly inspired by the music of my several favorite bands to create my drawings, doodlings, and illustrations. I enjoy being around the art world, where people create things, whether it's in an audio or a visual form. I love how I feel when a piece could inspire and awaken my soul.

Transferring to UCSD in Fall 2008, I didn't really expect for the computing emphasis to be the way it is. I thought it would be more of web and graphic design. To be truthful, I was disappointed at first. However, now I feel that I am challenged by my classes to do things I've never thought I would be doing. I mean, this is what college is for. I should be learning about new things and also finding out about myself. Well, this class is also one of them. I mean, electronic? Not really my sort of thing. In fact, I didn't even know what soldering something meant until the first lecture, but this doesn't mean I am not going to try. It is one of my biggest challenge for the year and I know I have a lot to learn. And I will also learn a lot (and, hopefully, I can show to my brothers that.. hey, see, I did this!)