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You Music Video (uMV)


  • Motivation

I've had interest in rotoscoping and animation in videos and dance for a while - and I'm interesting in mixing them, live.

  • Interactive paradigm

As the person dances/moves, animation or other features will react to their movement, enhancing it on video, and basically creating a music video on the spot.

  • Technical Description

The person would be caught and tracked on camera, and we could use frame differencing to track the magnitude of his or her movements and the pre-coded/drawn animations would react accordingly. Background images can be added and changed over time to improve the effect.

Visual Concept

  • Reference:

View video 'Urban Canvas'.

View video 'Flow'.


  • Screenshots:


Umv shot.jpg


Umv street shot.jpg


Umv black shot.jpg

  • Source Code:

-coding consists of initialization of camera, bitmap manipulating to create motion-detecting/color/background editing effects, and some animating code.

-camera code and motion detecting code is adapted from, with some changes for color and background editing effects.

CAMERA: -sets up webcam and shows security panel

Cam code.jpg


Bitmap initialize.jpg

Bitmap snap.jpg


-code needed for animating windmills and shadows, the animations are based on camera activity level; the more movement the faster they go.

--windmills in uMV

Windmill code.jpg

--shadows in uMV_black and uMV_city

Shadows code.jpg