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Ian Holaday

I'm currently enrolled at UCSD with a major in Media, focused on film, and am also taking technical art classes at a small art school in Encinitas. My interests lie in movement and gesture, how they portray information and suggest interaction between events. I paint, draw, sculpt, paint digitally, model in 3D, and make films, so my next venture is electronic based media. I'm highly interested in interactive artwork that creates thought and experience for the viewer, or participant. I'm more interested in the experience of the interaction rather than the object for which is interacted with. With new knowledge in electronic based media, I hope to be able to fully comprehend, at least, the things that are required of me to project such ideas in the future.

GameBoy-Color.jpg I'd like to pick a game-boy apart and use it's components, such as its LCD screen, to project abstract data.

Yellow-traffic-light.jpg I'd like to interface with the concept of traffic lights, not necessarily controlling them, but using them in some sort of performance piece at an installation.

Art118revwacom450.jpg Being able to control certain parameters could be interesting based on this touch sensitive tablet.

DualShock3 b494 screen 540x354.jpg Wanna control people? :P

20264.jpg Control frequencies of light and distort what's being seen in a dark room with various strobes.