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  • Motivation

I have a strong interest in music and manipulating sound. I wanted to create a different way to control sound by using a Wiimote as the main controller. It creates a more interesting interaction with the interface instead of just buttons or mousing everything.

  • Interactive paradigm

Using Pure Data or Pd, I created a patch that controls different parameters of a playback loop. Using the Wiimote the user can control the volume, location, and different effects of the loop.

  • Technical Description

Using a software called OSCulator, I connected the Wiimote to my computer through its routing parameters and bluetooth. Pd-extended contains a library called "mrpeach" that communicates the information gathered from OSCulator. Through several parsing methods I was able to connect different buttons and motions with specific controllers within my patch.


Main.png Filters.png OSCcontrols.png Panner.png OSCulator.png

Video Demonstration

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZF72EM_zLI