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NOTE: this has been superceded by Please go there for supercollider code, etc.


A bluetooth, rechargeable, 10DOF head-tracking device for use with the Ambisonic ToolKit (ATK), motion capture, and Pan-Tilt camera systems. This is the second prototype.


Built with simple, ready to order parts from common suppliers. Purchase 1 each of the following:

One of the following, needed to program the arduino. (One use only! Borrow from a friend?)

You can also choose to leave the LiPo charger out of the enclosure for small space savings.


This project uses the FreeIMU library to read the motion sensors and calculate sensor-fused orientation.


We are using the straight FreeIMU_quaternion example from FreeIMU v0.4. This reads the attached sensors, calculates the AHRS quaternion, and transmits via serial print. I've attached a copy of the FreeIMU_quaternion code here with the baud rate set to 38400, the max rate for the Arduino Pro Mini.

You should only need to upload this to your arduino once.


This is the demo app in Processing included with FreeIMU v0.4.

  1. With the headtraker powered on, pair your computer with the bluefruit device.
  2. Change the serial port screen to match your bluefruit device, for example /dev/tty.AdafruitEZ-Link3e2f-SPP on my system.
  3. Run the example. Press 'h' to store the home position.


Simple python program to read from the IMU headtracker and record to file. Additionally opens second serial device and feeds values to pan-tilt camera in matching orientation.


coming soon... :)



3d Printing

Solidworks Files -

STL Files -

Assembly Instructions


other intertial Measurement Units

Head-tracking with the MPU6050

Example with Arduino Nano



IMUs for position